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Strikers FC SB Summer Camp

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Looking for Goalies

Strikers Boys 2003 Flight 2 and Strikers Boys 2004 Flight 2 are looking for goalies. 

For 2003 team, please contact Steve Westbrook at (314) 269 4391

For 2004 team, please contact Jack Wainwright at

College Informational Evening

College athletic recruiting informational evening hosted by Pete Gail, founder of PG Method was a big success.

Open Training Sessions

We are still looking for a few key players to complete our 2017/2018 rosters!

Join our upcoming Training Sessions: 

G03 - Monday and Wednesday at El Segundo Middle School (6-730PM) 

G04 - Monday and Wednesday at El Segundo Middle School (6-730PM) 

B03 - Monday 5-630 at Campus El Segundo and Wednesday 7-830 at Campus El Segundo.

B04 - Tuesday and Thursday at El Segundo Middle School (430-6PM) 

B09 - Monday and Wednesday at El Segundo Middle School (430-6PM) 


STRIKERS FC SOUTH BAY became part of the STRIKERS FC organization by becoming an affiliate in 2015. The Philosophy of the club is to build a culture based around playing soccer everyday and conducting a training program that continuously and aggressively challenges the players technically, tactically, physically and mentally.  The mission of STRIKERS FC SOUTH BAY under Director Luis Inga is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition, through age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and maintaining a high standard for coaches.  Focusing on the players first, each individual should have strong fundamentals, confidence, and creativity to carry them to their highest potential.  Our organization believes that a great start begins with quality coaches who are passionate, supportive and exemplary role models.  We are committed to ongoing training and development of our players.    

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As we begin the new year, we will be looking forward to hosting tryout dates in January and February for the younger age groups, 2003 - 2010.  For older age groups, 2002 - 2000 we plan to have tryouts March and April.  Dates, times, and location coming soon.  

How do tryouts work ?

Every season typically right before or after State or National Cup play we begin to have official club tryouts in order to see prospective players wanting to join the club.  The players will be scouted by several coaches who will share opinions and determine which players the club is going to invite back for additional evaluations.  We do however encourage families to contact their players age group coach for individual evaluations during normal training days prior to official tryouts.     

What age group is my child ?

Are field sizes changing for the 2016-2017 calendar year ?

Below is the field size dimensions that will officially go into effect in 2017.  However, US Soccer has started to mandate that all clubs switch to this model starting in August of 2016. 

What to do If I can't make it to any tryout dates ?

If unable to attend of any the tryout dates, please call or email:

Marcus Chorvat, Technical Director


phone: (323) 810-4081

For Spanish-speaking, please contact:

Luis Inga, Director of Coaching


phone: (714) 392-6050

Should players attend multiple tryouts ?

Yes, if at all possible the player should attend multiple tryout dates in order to maximize exposure.  

What attire should my child bring ?

Players need to wear appropriate training gear.  Socks, Shinguards, Soccer Ball, Soccer Cleats, and Water.